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Fit India Movement

Fit India Movement

As per the CBSE guidelines, Fitness Week was celebrated in Bishop Conrad Sr. Secondary school with the motive of instigating a healthy lifestyle amongst students and teachers. The morning assembly started with Yoga and free hand exercise sessions along with mass PT. During the themed week, the students and teaching fraternity stole moments from the regular classroom teaching and did poster making, drawing contests, poem writing, quiz and debates to enhance their skills and perform mental fitness activities. Innovative ways to physical activities were found in varied range of dancing and Aerobics. Playing with mud has been a bygone scene these days. Students were once again connected to this former activity in the procedure of gardening. The final day activity witnessed the celebration of Unity in Diversity of our Nation thought as planned by CBSE. The school had organized a competition of Students and Teachers of Indigenous sport Budu Salgrika (Tug-of-war) of our partner state Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya as assigned by CBSE.

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